Writing a Brilliant Synthesis Essay

At first glance, you might wonder what a synthesis essay piece entails. So it’s not entirely out of place to marvel at why most students hate essays. However, understanding the definition and how to write an excellent synthesis essay makes it relatively easy to write such a piece.

So what is a good synthesis essay? It entails a discussion of ideas put together in a coherent written piece. The main aim for such an essay on the part of a student entails demonstrating an ability to conduct extensive research, dissect big ideas, and develop a good argument from that. A student has to take concepts from diverse sources before summarizing and combining these ideas into a coherent thesis statement. So how can you effectively write a good synthesis essay?

Synthesis Essay Writing Process

It’s crucial to know the type of synthesis essay you have to write before you begin writing. Two types exist namely, explanatory and argument synthesis essays. An explanatory synthesis tries to assist the audience in understanding the subject in a better way, while on the other hand, an argument synthesis aims at arguing out a subject by backing it with sufficient evidence. 

Writing Guidelines

  • Pick a brilliant subject that will allow you to debate the subject. You can select a topic that has existed in the public domain for a while as long as it proves debatable. As such, it will evoke emotionally-charged debate from all parties involved. Further, picking a controversial public subject means vast volumes of evidence available that you can comfortably use in writing your piece. For instance, you can settle on a theme such as income inequality or drug legalization, among others.
  • Structure your synthesis essay properly. You can do this by having a good outline that will prove useful in planning your piece. Ensure your plan contains sub-arguments, supporting evidence, and particular points in the right sections. Further, only include aspects that prove your thesis claim and avoid incorporating unnecessary information. 

The information used has to get sourced from reliable sources to ensure a strong essay.

The structure of an excellent synthesis essay contains an introduction containing a perfectly crafted thesis statement. It should then get followed by the body text containing paragraphs that argue and counter-argue the thesis. Finally, you have to write the conclusion that summarizes the whole piece. 

  • Properly analyze the provided prompt or text by comprehending the purpose, argument, and rhetoric that the author puts forth. Such an analysis will aid you in writing an excellent synthesis essay piece.
  • Avoid using the words synthesis essay in your title but rather only write whatever your title entails.
  • You also have to adequately and address your intended audience by using precise vocabulary and a straightforward sentence structure. Completely avoid the use of passive voice in your text.
  • You have to also proofread besides correcting errors committed when writing your synthesis essay. Please focus on comma errors, spellings, plurals, subject-verb agreements, and possessive words. 
  • Additionally, ensure that the citations you use in the text prove correct to lend credibility to your entire arguments.
  • Finally, use paragraphs and sentence transitions wisely to create a smooth flow to your arguments and general work.


A good synthesis essay can prove way easier than you initially thought. All you have to do entails taking in every piece of useful insight when writing your synthesis piece.

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