Winning Opinion Essay Topics Guide

At the mention of an opinion essay, you should be asking yourself a few questions here and there. On academic grounds, opinions are not just based on emotions and feelings. You will be required to provide tangible evidence of your thoughts concerning a given topic. Therefore, don't hesitate to do your research well before presenting your thoughts and opinions concerning the subject of interest. This will be very key in writing a winning opinion essay.

So, what is an opinion essay? Basically, this is a formally written custom essay that presents a writer’s perception of a given subject. It is always important to support your opinion using good reasoning and practical examples that relate to the given topic. Providing the opposing perceptions can also be done but most importantly, they should be followed by arguments showing the inconsistency hence the opinion you have concerning the topic.

Typical Opinion Essay topics to write about

Think about the topic that you would want to write about. This is where it all begins. Here are sample winning opinion essay topics to look at:

  1. Application of video games in learning
  2. Technology and modern life
  3. Cars are an important asset
  4. Farming and other sectors of the economy
  5. Online learning applicability today
  6. What basic skills should elementary schools teach?
  7. Sex education among children
  8. Birth control options and either effect
  9. Democracy as the best form of government
  10. Life revolves around politics

Secrets to writing an opinion essay

If you want to write a good opinion essay, remember to prepare well for it. There is no limit to what you can write as long as your writing is based on facts and credible information. Here are important things to remember:

  • Choose a good topic. A winning opinion essay should be appealing to your audience. Most importantly, it should be precise and to the point. Make sure it is clear and not ambiguous to the reader. It will not only help you connect with your audience, but also help you write seamlessly.
  • Organize your essay with an outline. Learn how to itemize your essay first before writing anything. After writing your topic, look at the key points that you will be writing about. List them down right from the introduction to the conclusion.
  • Provide facts for your opinion. Any opinion that is not backed up by research is invalid. Credibility is essential in the course of your writing. In that case, you need to make the most of your writing by pointing to important facts and information that support your opinions. That is a sure way to make sense to your target audience.


Opinions don't count if there is no supporting evidence. This is what you should always remember when writing an opinion essay. Throughout the writing, your objective should be to provide a clear thought backed up by research and building a given viewpoint. Most importantly, you can show inconsistencies in other opinions to cement your standpoint on the given matter. Make your points clear with a good flow.

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