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One of the killer ways to get the attention of your readers is by starting your essay with a quote. You are going to succeed in getting the attention of your audience right from the first word to the last. The question now is: ‘How do l start on a sound footing?’

A student can start his or her essay with a quote and yet fail to make the desired impacts on their readers at the end of the day. There are factors to be put into consideration before you start picking on any quote.

How to go about choosing the right quote?

  • Do not choose a general quote

The objective is to catch the attention of your readers. If you are to achieve this, it is advised that you pick a quote that is not too common. When you choose a common quote; you will not get the spark that comes with choosing a quote.

  • Relevant quote

There are millions of quotes on the web pages but all of them are not relevant to your paper. It is a must to choose relevant quotes that that will add value to your point of reasoning. The quote that will bring the spark into your essay should be a round peg placed in a round hole. 

  • The quote that makes meaning

In an essay, the readers should be factored into all that will be written. You cannot get the full impact from all the relevant quotes that are online. The only way to get your readers to your site is by choosing a quote that they will easily identify with. When you have the benefits of that, it will be easy for the readers to flow with the quote.

  • Fix in the quote

When you fix in a quote into your essay, you are expected to explain the meaning of the quote. When your readers have understood this; you should now go all the way to integrate the quote into the body text of your essay. Do everything possible to show that your thoughts are in agreement with the quote.

  • Identify your source

If you are bringing in a quote into your essay; you must acknowledge your source. This will add legit to your essay. Failure to do this will rob off the shine on your quote.

The proper essay writing

When you are done with getting the right quote; the standard requirements for the essay you are writing must be followed for the results to come in. 

It is expected that you begin with the introduction where the quote will fit in. There should be a hook statement and your thesis.

Next in line is the body of your essay. It is usually three paragraphs that will explain a point each. 

The third and final part will be your conclusion.

Final thoughts

Everything that is required to bring in a perfect quote into your essay has been explained above.


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