Descriptive Essay Writing Guide

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay demands an insightful, nuanced view of a particular topic or theme. It so happens that as you move from primary to secondary level of education and later on to college, term papers, dissertation, thesis and similar academic chores is involved in the syllabi. The habit of writing must be developed from a younger age in order to get students habituated with the manner and style in which he/she must approach a topic. Plus, when asked to attempt essay writing during an exam, you must be able to spontaneously give words to your ideas without plunging into a stream of thought in the exam hall.

Where to start?

If you have not had the practice of writing essays in school, except for the week prior to your exams, then you should start of right away. No one is asking you to break down a particular trope as seen in a Petrarchan sonnet. Start with small steps. Write down reviews of books you have just read or a film you just saw or a particular article in the newspaper that has caught your attention; maybe you came across something really exciting today, something which you found to be very interesting: someone said something to another on the bus or the train, an accident, a sudden occurrence, write about those.


Keep in mind time and again that descriptive do not primarily mean ornamentation; you can use the simplest of the simplest language. The best essays are the ones that convey the idea clearly in simple language topped with the right amount of appropriate references and examples which will serve to establish your point. Factual correctness supplanted with nil grammatical errors are two points that should be learnt by heart while writing on any topic or issue.

A little help here

Descriptive writing can become very challenging and overwhelming at times. Sometimes you will be faced with a topic that will fly over your head; you won’t be able to make head or tail of it. This where you need to use your imagination. Often when you sit for an admission test to a particular institute, they check your verbal ability and writing skills. They ask the examinees to attempt an essay from a set of topics or give you a picture or the lyrics of a song which you have to deduce by yourself. Such are great opportunities to let your imagination flow as freely as it wants.

Check out past year’s question papers of the institutes where you desire to apply. For those in college, try interacting with your seniors, see what you can gather from them: what kind of approach does a particular professor appreciate? Where can you learn about a certain set of points in the text? Good reference material. Visit the library, browse through shelves, trying gathering your own research materials. Browse through the internet for sample articles or essays. After you have gone through each of the above options and it did not help much, then only try opting for essay writing services.

How do writing services work?

It is basically like this, if you are stuck with a particular piece of writing and do not know how to go ahead from there a writing service is of great help. You appoint a service through a given website, some even have an option to interact online with the representative, you talk to them about your problem, any doubts or gray areas. The service immediately appoints your work to highly skilled professional experts, according to your discipline. Some usually take a nominal advance for security reasons before setting off. After a couple of days, they deliver the finished work to you. They give you time to read and analyze their work and place forth any further queries that you might have within that period.

Hiring a top custom essay writing service online is possible anytime from anywhere, as they operate 24*7, 365 days. However, the user must exercise caution as several such sites exist which run to defraud innocent people of their hard earned money. Studying the essay writing service reviews must be done before hiring one.

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