4 steps to a better writing

Read wider

Before you can become a professional essay writer who can do an effective definition of the type of essay, one thing you have to consider is whether you have knowledge. There is need to study different types of essays and denote the key things that bring the distinctions between them. There are multiple materials online that talk on how one can define an essay. Search them, read and make the necessary conclusions. The broader you study, the easier it will be to make a complete definition.

Read through the essay to get the idea

It is not always true that you will find a definite name of the essay type in the introductory section when you have an already written paper. In this case, you are quite lucky because you all you need to define what the information is all about. As you skim through various parts therefore, note down the various things that are put into focus by most of the content. Note them down on a clean sheet of paper and then rule out the weaker points so that you narrow down to fewer options. If you remain with two essay types which you cannot make a clearly distinction, get to the introduction, the conclusion or even the title if it is present.

Check The Title

Check whether a specific essay name has been mentioned in the title. In most cases, you lecturer might give you a clue by directly including the type of the essay in the title. You therefore have to take adequate time on each title so that you do not get a hard time when it comes to the identification. For instance, there are those that start in this manner, “A compare and contrast essay about….” Here, you should quickly notice the presence of the words “compare” and “contrast.” Quickly form it in your mind that this is a compare and contrast essay and therefore, you will need to contrasting things that also have some similarities.

Write the statement of intent

In this statement, you have to make the reader come at par on what he or she needs to expect. Although it is just a single sentence, it should carry a strong meaning because it comprises the rest of the information given out in the text. Most people will come to this statement when they cannot figure out the type of essay. This part should be clear in your introduction so that when somebody reads through it, he or she can easily notice it. You have to also show the reader what position you are supporting in the text provided the essay has two sides you need to check on.

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Give a vivid background information

It is important to vividly describe what you want to talk about in the next set of paragraphs. Even if you miss to state the exact type, the reader can draw it from this description with ease. Therefore as you think of writing your next essay, keep these in mind.