Family Planning

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Family Planning is the method of controlling the number of children born in a family. Since raising a child requires adequate amount of financial resources, time, dedication, health, etc. it is better to plan your way through. Moreover, the WHO (World Health Organization) says that pregnancy, although a beautiful experience can also take a toll on the health of the mother and even death at times. If a family desires another child after the birth of one, a woman must wait for at least 2 years. Having children at later age can cause severe health problems both for the mother and the baby; like gestational diabetes, prolonged labor, multiple births for the mother and Down Syndrome, Autism for the child.


Several methods, natural as well as artificial, are available both for men and women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Methods like withdrawal or the calendar-based method, associated with sexual intercourse is suggestible under natural procedures with little to no costs. Intra-uterine device (IUD) are also extremely effective and cost efficient; hormonal IUDs being more suggestible than the copper ones. Usage of condoms can also be made, both for men and women to prevent not just unwanted pregnancies but any risk of catching STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Question of Right

Family Planning has a notion of women empowerment as it puts the decision of woman – whether to bear a child or not – in the fore. It is a woman’s choice when to have a baby, whether she wants a baby or not, if she does then how many children does she choose to bear. All of this are brought to question after taking into consideration several things like career, age, marital conditions, any sort of disability, etc.

Coercion in family planning, however, must not be implemented. Things like forced sterilization, as are done in East European countries, in Peru and were done in India during the Emergency of the mid-70s. Moreover not every woman in the world can avail the benefits of family planning. This has to do with the socio-cultural, religious, national aspects of the place they are coming from. Women coming from developing countries, more so those coming from rural areas have little to no access to family planning services.

What to write?

The internet is replete with articles on family planning. Try following a chronological path, starting with the history, from when these services came into being. Browse through the websites of the UNFPA (The United Nations Population Fund), read papers on international conferences on population control and similar issues. The reason for so much of research is because the issue is more political in nature which demands a certain level of factual correctness, supplanted with latest statistics. Try avoiding a personal approach and tend to provide an unbiased picture covering both the benefits and problems associated with family planning services.

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